Farmer Jaffe Takes Trump to Court – and Wins

Attorneys Brad Edwards, Mark Fistos and Seth Lehrman

Attorneys Brad Edwards, Mark Fistos and Seth Lehrman

Farmer Jaffe law firm trial attorneys Brad Edwards, Mark Fistos and Seth Lehrman won a $5.7 million judgment against Trump National Golf Club Jupiter, which is owned by President Donald Trump’s Trump Organization, on February 1, 2017. The attorneys won the judgment on behalf of the plaintiffs in a federal class action case against the golf club. They tried the case on behalf of 65 class members, including three class representatives. U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra heard the case and entered the judgment on behalf of the class of club members in the full amount requested. Trump is appealing the judgment.

Read the trial judgment here and click here for Judge Marra’s Findings of Fact.

The trial was held during the week of August, 15, 2016. It focused on whether Trump breached membership agreements by failing to refund deposit monies to the club member class.  Plaintiffs claimed that Trump recalled their memberships when he refused them access to the club facilities. Once their memberships were recalled, Trump was required to refund deposits within thirty days. However, Trump failed to pay refunds, and refused the club members access to the facilities despite continuing to charge them dues.

At trial, plaintiffs presented testimony of Donald Trump  through video depositions.  Eric Trump, Trump’s lead acquisition attorney, the Trump club’s general manager and the former membership director all testified in person.

During an April 2015 deposition, Eric Trump testified that class members did have access to the club after Trump’s acquisition and that Plaintiff’s claim that they were denied club use was unfounded. However, at trial Eric Trump reversed course during Edwards’s cross-examination and admitted that members were indeed denied use of the club facilities as Plaintiffs had claimed.  He explained his change in testimony by claiming he had “misspoke” throughout his earlier deposition.

Farmer Jaffe was featured in many media stories about the judgment. National media outlets covering the ruling included the Associated Press, Bloomberg, CNN, ESPN, Law360, NBC News, the New York Times and many others.

Listen to Brad Edwards discuss the judgment with NPR’s Greg Allen here.

The attorneys also garnered coverage in a variety of South Florida media outlets, including the Daily Business Review, Palm Beach Post, South Florida Business Journal, Sun Sentinel, The Real Deal and WPTV.

Farmer Jaffe appreciates the commitment and resolve of its clients who stood up for their rights and the rights of class members and pursued the case through trial.


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