PlatePass® Automatic Toll Collection System

PlatePass”® is an automatic toll collection system that is meant to enable rental car customers to use electronic toll collection lanes to avoid having so down and wait in line to pay tolls by cash. Sometimes, it works through transponders attached to rented vehicles. American Traffic Solutions, Inc., has developed this system and provides it to companies like Hertz and Advantage.

Our firm is currently investigating and has filed a class action concerning PlatePass® problems and Hertz over allegations that Hertz releases customer information to American Traffic Solutions, Inc., so that it the customers may be billed for tolls, but Hertz does not clearly or prominently advise customers that a service or administrative fee of a certain amount will billed to customers even when they don’t use the PlatePass® service.

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CASE UPDATE: Hertz rental customers receive refunds of certain PlatePass fees and related charges incurred under proposed Settlement. Click here to learn more.