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Farmer Jaffe Weissing – Investing in our Communities

How We Serve The Path To Justice®:

While we share a strong passion for the law and for our roles as legal advocates for our clients, we are also very involved in giving back to our Communities. Members of our firm support various charities, sit on non-profit boards, and do volunteer work with local schools and religious organizations. Our attorneys also volunteer their time lobbying our state legislature to ensure that the constitutional rights of access to courts are not limited or abridged. We are community-conscious and believe that we have an obligation to give back to a society that has afforded so much to us and our families.

Organizations We Have Supported

Here are some of the many organizations that we have worked with:

  • Em’s Place

Farmer Jaffe Weissing, PL Turkey Giveaway 2014

Farmer Jaffe Weissing & Forever Family PSA