Train Accidents & Railroad Crossing Acccident Lawyer in For Lauderdale

Railroad Accidents and Injuries

There are about 3,000 train accidents that result in about 1,000 deaths each year according to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). The majority of these accidents often occur at railroad crossings. The victims of these often deadly accidents are train passengers, pedestrians, car and truck drivers and the railroad workers themselves.

Whether you’re a daily commuter on an inter-city train, commuter train / regional train, on a metro, subway, or trolley; a worker on a freight train that transports goods, materials, cargo and other chemicals; or even a person at an railroad crossing; any accidents with these massive locomotives means deadly consequences and catastrophic injuries.

There are many causes of railroad accidents:

  • Train derailment
  • Two trains colliding
  • Train collision with a car, truck, bus or pedestrian
  • Distracted train operator, distracted train conductor
  • Fatigued train operator
  • Poor maintenance of tracks
  • Poor maintenance of safety crossing gates, safety lights and safety barriers
  • Obstacles on the tracks
  • Too much cargo weight
  • Traveling too fast – inclement weather or to beat the train
  • Mechanical failure, brake failure
  • Visual obstructions, overgrown vegetation, broken or missing signs
  • Inadequate security
  • Inadequately trained train operators
  • Driving under the influence of drugs, driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Vehicles stuck on tracks or vehicle that try to beat the gates and train
  • Pedestrians who slip and fall on the tracks

The railroad companies and car, truck and bus drivers and pedestrians have responsibilities to keep each other safe. A railroad company is responsible for maintaining the tracks and the train and providing adequate warning systems and safety measures such as safety gates and flashing lights at all railway crossings while vehicle drivers and pedestrians must follow the laws and not try to “beat the train.”

While there are many factors that can contribute to a train crash, they are often caused by negligence (human error) or defective machinery. If you or a loved one has been injured in a train accident, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Farmer Jaffe Weissing, as these cases are often complex and can involve train companies, maintenance companies, design and engineering firms, individual people and drivers, etc.

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