FJW Hip“Mass Torts” involve a population, or group, of people that have suffered similar injuries following use of a medical device, or pharmaceutical drug. Allegations of a defect, or the failure to warn of a side effect or potential injury are often at the heart of such cases. While such a case may originate in a particular State the cases themselves are often centralized in a Federal Multi District Litigation (“MDL”) or coordinated State court proceedings. This allows litigants with similar claims to have their cases progress in an orderly fashion against the same defendant or defendants in the initial pre-trial stage of litigaiton referred to as discovery. Discovery includes the exchange of documents, sworn testimony and evidence to prosecute the action. Through the centralization of cases, and coordination in certain courts, attorneys from different states are permitted by court order to represent out of state litigants in other states. Similarly, through court orders centralizing Multi District Litigation (“MDL”), attorneys may file lawsuits in in Federal District Courts outside their home state.

Our office is prepared to serve as Lead Counsel, or Co-Counsel, in mass tort cases and related investigations Nationwide. Please contact our office with any questions or inquiries regarding such cases.

We are presently involved in the representation of victims alleging injuries from use of many drug, medical devices and products. We are interested in evaluating other cases, that we do not have under investigation and offer a free confidential case evaluation. We monitor and analyze reports of potential cases, adverse event reports and medical literature to determine the direction of our investigative efforts. As a result, contacting us could help further this analytical process and the identification of growing problems meriting legal action.