Highway Design Accident Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

Highway Design Accidents and Injuries

There are many reasons for auto accidents including drunk driving, speeding and distracted driving. These types of accidents are normally caused by a negligent driver; however, accidents can also be the result of inadequate, unsafe or defective highway designs.

While safety and design standards can vary from state to state, street and highway departments Highway Design Accidents(whether local or government) have a duty to reasonably safeguard against an inherently dangerous or misleading condition.

In 2010, the Daily Beast reported that Florida was home to three of the top 100 most dangerous roads in America. These roadways included: ranked number 1 – Interstate 95 (I-95), ranked number 3 – Interstate 4 (I-4) and ranked number 15 – Interstate 75 (I-75).

Some of the common highway design defect case that we handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Insufficient ramps to and from freeways
  • Inadequate lighting, poorly lit streets
  • Defective or poorly visible signs, landscaping
  • Dangerous Intersections
  • Lack of crosswalks or inappropriately placed signs for crosswalks
  • Dangerous curves or blind curves
  • Defective traffic signals and lights
  • Missing barriers, guardrails, or dividers
  • Construction areas causing unnecessary hazards
  • Inadequate or insufficient notification of how a road is affected by certain weather conditions (ex. drainage)
  • Failure to protect motorists from dangerous roadside hazards
  • Reduction of shoulder or shoulder drop-off

Federal, state, and municipal governments can be held liable for failing to take appropriate steps to reduce the number of accidents on particularly dangerous roadways or highways. This includes original inadequate construction, changes in design standards where the current roadway falls below the new standard, and even monitoring and maintaining roadways where issues did not exist at the time of construction, but have developed overtime.

If you suspect faulty road design or construction played a role in your motor vehicle accident, contact the highway design accident attorneys at Farmer Jaffe Weissing today, as these cases are often very complex. Highway design accident cases can often involve city, county, state and federal government agencies; in addition to possible construction contractors or engineering firms, etc.

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