Who Is The Best Trial Attorney In Broward County, Florida?

Florida has no shortage of lawyers who call themselves “trial attorneys.” With so many to choose from, how do you know which one is the best trial attorney in Broward County, Florida? Before deciding, you should consider a few characteristics and traits that almost all successful trial attorneys have in common. At Farmer, Jaffe, Weissing, Edwards, Fistos & Lehrman, P.L., our attorneys have all these characteristics and use them to help their clients achieve success in the courtroom.

Characteristic #1: Areas of Focus

Top trial attorneys focus on specific areas of law. Attorneys who claim to be knowledgeable about all types of legal claims are not likely to have a deep understanding of any subject area. These lawyers will not be able to assist you as much as an attorney dedicated to your specific area of law can.

A focus on certain legal areas requires years of experience representing a variety of clients. The best trial attorneys are not only knowledgeable about laws and regulations, but they are also very familiar with specific courtrooms and court procedures. They also continue to learn and grow within their field by keeping up-to-date with changes in the laws related to their specializations and are frequently the lawyers speaking at seminars as experts in the field. The attorneys at our firm work in the following areas of law:

By devoting their lives to these legal areas, our attorneys have helped navigate these complex topics to achieve a fair result for countless clients. However, the list above is not all-inclusive. Find out more about the areas we serve here.

Characteristic #2: Proven History of Success

All career professionals, particularly attorneys, benefit from experience. The more experience an attorney has, the more comfortable he is going to court and fighting for clients. However, merely having experience trying cases is not enough to prove that a lawyer is qualified to represent you. You also need to focus on whether the attorney has a history of success in the courtroom. 

If you have been injured and decide to file suit against the person responsible for your injuries, you want to make sure that your case will have a successful outcome. To give yourself the best chance at this, you will want to go to an attorney with a proven history of successful outcomes. It is important to note that while some attorneys have years of experience representing clients, they may lack a history of successful outcomes.

At Farmer, Jaffe, Weissing, Edwards, Fistos & Lehrman, P.L., our attorneys have numerous multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements that we have obtained on behalf of our clients. Some of our largest verdicts include:

  • $10,800,000 jury verdict for a client who suffered brain injuries after falling and hitting her head at a construction site
  • $4,000,000 wrongful death recovery for the family of a man who fell off a roof after being struck by a crane
  • $4,270,000 for a teenager who was shot at an amusement park. The teen suffered a permanent nerve injury that ended his promising football career. Our attorneys established that the attack was foreseeable and preventable and that the amusement park should have provided better security.
  • $1,420,000,000 in a whistleblower settlement
  • $13,000,000 jury verdict in favor of woman injured in elevator accident
  • $5,700,000 verdict against Trump Jupiter in class action trial
  • $24,000,000 jury verdict against hotel and drunk driver in wrongful death car accident
  • $7,100,000 jury verdict against rapper, The Game, for sexual assault
  • $2,000,000 jury verdict for man beaten in a bar 

Characteristic #3: Professional Recognition

In the legal community, fellow professionals and prominent legal organizations recognize and respect only the best trial attorneys.

Our firm has received numerous accolades from various local and national publications. Steven Jaffe and Brad Edwards were named two of the best 100 Trial Lawyers in Florida by the prestigious National Trial Lawyers Association.

Multiple attorneys in our firm have received AV ratings of “Very High to Preeminent” legal abilities by their professional peers through the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating System.

As one of the “Best Law Firms” according to the U.S. News World Report and Best Lawyers, our firm is highly respected in Broward County and across the country.

Characteristic #4: Credibility and Confidence

In addition to a good reputation and proven success, the best trial attorneys can build trust with judges, juries, clients, and opposing counsel.

By being trustworthy and credible, attorneys are more likely to get their way in court. Top attorneys are always civil and carry themselves with confidence both inside and outside the courtroom. Effective litigators are typically well prepared but can also use their instincts to make solid arguments on behalf of their clients.

Characteristic #5: Easy to Reach

The best attorneys are those who are easy to reach. The last thing you want from your lawyer is someone who only answers emails every two weeks or keeps you in the dark for months at a time. When you work with us, we ensure you know how often you can expect an update on your case and make ourselves available when you need us.

When it comes to choosing the right trial attorneys to handle your claim, you cannot go wrong with Farmer, Jaffe, Weissing, Edwards, Fistos & Lehrman, P.L. Our attorneys have the experience and skills necessary to give you the best chance at a successful verdict. Call 954-524-2820 to find out more about how our attorneys can assist with your claim.