Sexually Abused by a Catholic Priest or Clergy in the Archdiocese of New York or Diocese of Brooklyn?

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The Diocese of Brooklyn and the Archdiocese of New York have created compensation programs for victims of sexual abuse by priests or other clergy members. The programs are called Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Programs (IRCP).

Any victim of sexual abuse by a clergy member at the Brooklyn Diocese or the New York Archdiocese can register to get compensation. Victims are eligible for compensation regardless of when the abuse took place, even if the statute of limitations to file a civil lawsuit has passed.

If you are a victim of abuse by a priest or other clergy member, please call sex abuse attorney Adam Horowitz at the law firm Farmer, Jaffe, Weissing, Edwards, Fistos, & Lehrman, P.L. Horowitz is an experienced and renowned legal advocate for victims of abuse by priests in cases nationwide, including in the New York area.

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And hurry. The deadline for the Diocese of Brooklyn IRCP (Phase I) is September 30, 2017. The deadline for the Archdiocese of New York IRCP has passed.

We will be closely monitoring the situation to see if similar compensation programs are announced for victims of sexual abuse by priests and other clergy of the Diocese of Albany, Diocese of Ogdensburg, Diocese of Rochester, Diocese of Rockville Centre, and Diocese of Syracuse.

Who is eligible for compensation under the IRCP?

Phase I: Victims of abuse who previously submitted a complaint of sexual abuse to the New York Archdiocese or Brooklyn Diocese.

  • Phase I of the New York IRCP is closed.
  • Phase I of the Brooklyn IRCP closes September 30, 2017.

Phase II: Victims of abuse who have not previously submitted a complaint of sexual abuse to the New York Archdiocese or Brooklyn Diocese.

  • Phase II of the New York IRCP is closed.
  • Phase II of the Brooklyn IRCP has not yet begun, but victims can register now and file a claim once Phase I closes.

Whether you previously submitted a complaint or have never submitted a complaint, if you wish to recover compensation through the IRCP, the time to act is now before the deadline passes. Call 954-524-2820 to speak with attorney Adam Horowitz about your case.

Do I have to submit evidence of sexual abuse by a priest to qualify for compensation?

Yes, if you have any.  Please provide as much of the following information as possible: year(s), location, perpetrator, nature of the abuse, as well as submit supporting evidence. Acceptable supporting evidence may include:

  • Copies of letters, emails, or other type of communication to friends, family, church official law enforcement, or others regarding the abuse.
  • Medical records related to the abuse
  • Counseling records related to the abuse
  • Law enforcement records related to the abuse

Who decides if I get compensation from the IRCP?

Kenneth R. Feinberg (administrator of the 9/11 fund) and Camille Brios will administer the New York and Brooklyn IRCPs. Mr. Feinberg and Ms. Brios will determine eligibility for compensation as well as the amount of compensation.

The Brooklyn Diocese and New York Archdiocese cannot reject decisions made by Mr. Feinberg and Ms. Brios.

Which New York priests are accused of sexual abuse?

According to Bishop Accountability, the following priests have been accused of abuse.

Note: You can still qualify for compensation from the IRCP if your abuser is not on these lists. Whether or not your abuser is on these lists, you must communicate the details of the abuse as well as provide supporting documentation. 

Archdiocese of New York

John C. Albino

Linda Baisi

Juan Bazalar

Dominic Bokulich

Laurence Boschetto

George Boxelarr

John Joseph Brady

Timothy Brady

Daniel A. Calabrese

David L. Carson

Joseph M. Clark

John W. Coppinger

Roy A. Drake

Jamie (James) Duenas

Anthony Joseph Eremito

Keith Fennessy

Albin D. Fusco

Thomas J. Gaffney

Alfred F. Gallant

John P. Gallant

Damian Galligan

Gennaro Gentile

Anthony J. Giuliano

Lawrence Gordon

Richard Gorman

William T. Greene

Wallace A. Harris

Robert Harrison

Paul Kevin Hennessy

Raymond A. Hyland

Lawrence C. Inzeo

Kenneth A. Jesselli

Charles M. Kavanagh

Timothy Kelly

Jack Kennington

Peter Kiarie

Peter J. Kihm

Morgan J. Kuhl

Ralph W. LaBelle

John W. Lennon

James A. Liguori (Ligouri)

Bernard Lynch

Joseph Maffei

Donald T. Malone

Arthur Manzione

Patrick H. Martin

Sister Mary Andrew

Albert J. Mazza

Richard J. McCormick

Robert B. McGovern

Henry Mills

Edmund W. Netter

Randolph Nowak

Eugene J. O’Brien

John Francis O’Brien

Kenneth F. O’Connell

John Justin O’Connor

Michael D. O’Herlihy

John O’Keefe

Edmond A. Parrakow

Jorge Patricio Pintado Herrera

Edward Pipala

Christopher Pliauplis

Robert Post

Dominic Quigley

Patrick W. Quigley

Louis (Luis) J. Rios

Bruce Ritter

Esteban Rodriguez

Ruben Rodriguez

Sean Leo Rooney

Alan Scheneman

Francis Stinner

James Tamburrino

Joseph Thiesen (Theisen)

Donald Whalen (Whelan)

William T. White

Diocese of Brooklyn

John L. Abrams

Joseph Agostino

Bennet Akuzie

William Authenrieth

Hugo Bedoya

Thomas F. Brady

Edward C. Brennan

Joseph P. Byrns

Frank J. Capellupo

Nicholas J. Capua

James P. Collins

Augusto Cortez

Harold T. Cox

Michael J. Dempsey

Enrique Diaz Jimenez

Anthony J. Failla

Romano J. Ferraro

Robert A. Ferro

James I.J. Frost

Vincent Gallo

Edward Huckemeyer

Brian Keller

Richard Lewkiewicz

Francis J. Manzo

Edward L. Maurer

Henry J. McCloud

Robert J. McConnin

Herbert J. McElroy

John G. McLoughlin

Edward J. McNicholas

Thomas O. Morrow

Francis X. Mulhall

Francis X. Nelson

Ben O’Reilly

Thomas J. O’Rourke

Anthony Ocloo

Ronald P. Petroski

Charles Plock

Howard J. Richmond

Salvador J. Romanus/Brocato

James E. Russo

Barry E. Ryan

Michael Salerno

Joseph Schuck

Patrick Sexton

Vincent Sforza

James G. Sickler

James T. Smith

Protasio Soares

George J. Stack

John Thompson

George F. Zatarga

Vincent A. Zollo

Diocese of Brooklyn, Archdiocese of New York Opposed NY Legislation to Eliminate Statute of Limitations

The Diocese of Brooklyn and the Archdiocese of New York made headlines earlier this year when they fought against proposed laws in New York State that would eliminate the statute of limitations for sexual abuse victims to bring civil lawsuit. The Church was rightfully condemned for its actions which hurt victims and protect the Catholic Church’s secret records. It is unknown if those laws will pass in future legislative sessions.

While we certainly hope those laws pass, passage of that legislation does not affect the IRCPs or eligibility for them. Victims of clergy sexual abuse in New York can qualify for compensation from the IRCP even if the statute of limitations to file a civil lawsuit has passed.

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Attorney Adam Horowitz has nearly two decades of experience representing victims of sexual abuse by clergy of the Catholic Church. He has litigated dozens of cases around the country involving priest molestation, leading to the exposure of predatory priests and public disclosure of confidential church documents.

Horowitz has even been featured on television and quoted by media outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, and Newark Star Ledger in stories involving sexual abuse by clergy members.

Victims of Brooklyn and New York priest sex abuse can contact attorney Adam Horowitz by calling 954-524-2820 or by filling out our online contact form to learn more about these programs and for help securing compensation.