Yet again, a massage therapist employed at Massage Envy has been arrested on criminal charges that he sexually assaulted a female client during a massage appointment. This time it is Ruben Bea, a masseur, who was employed at a Massage Envy franchise located at 402-404 Springifeld Ave. in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. According to law enforcement reocrds, Bea is accused of inserting his finger into the vagina of a female client and groping her exposed breasts during a massage appointment at Massage Envy on December 21, 2014.  According to his employment records, Smith had only been working at Massage Envy for approximately one month as of the date of the incident.  Following an investigation by the Berkeley Heights Police Department. Ruben Bea was arrested and charged with criminal sexual contact in Union County, New Jersey. Law enforcement records also reflect that the Massage Envy management secretly videotaped the alleged victim providing her statement to management.  Massage Envy’s internal records reveal that they found the alleged victim’s statement to be "credible."

Attorney Adam Horowitz, who has represented numerous women who reported incidents of sexual assault at various Massage Envy locations, stated: "Women who receive therapeutic massages place great trust in their therapists. There are not many other situations in which a person would be semi-nude in a prone position in a dimly-lit room with a complete stranger. It’s a horrific betrayal when someone goes to a massage for relaxation but gets exploitation.  Unfortunately, the massage industry appears to attract an extraordinary number of sexual predators."

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