Wells Fargo Employees Fired for Doing the Right Thing


Wells Fargo Bank Former Wells Fargo employees around the country are claiming they were fired after calling human resources to object to the bank’s fraudulent activity. 

According to CNN, a Pennsylvania-based Wells Fargo employee refused to open unauthorized bank and credit card accounts, called the bank’s ethics hotline to report the activity and followed the bank’s policies by contacting human resources.  He was fired a week later.  The New York Times and other media report similar firings of other bank employees.

Florida Law Prohibits Retaliation

The Florida Whistleblower Act protects employees from discharge (firing) or discrimination in retaliation for disclosing information regarding violations of the law.  Employees who pursue these claims must satisfy certain requirements.  For example, the employee must have notified a supervisor or the employer in writing of the activity, policy or practice before pursuing a claim under this statute.  The Act protects employees who object or refuse to participate in activities or follow practices they believe violate the law. Employers are prohibited from terminating or discriminating against an employee in retaliation for refusing to participate in the allegedly illegal conduct (See Florida Statute Sec. 448.102).

Former Wells Fargo employees who objected to the bank’s illegal conduct – opening unauthorized bank accounts and credit card accounts – and were subsequently fired may have viable claims under the Florida Whistleblower Act.  Generally, retaliatory discharge cases under the Act must be filed within two (2) years of the employee’s discovery that the alleged retaliatory action was taken.

Federal laws, including Sarbanes Oxley, the FLSA, and the Dodd Frank Act provide additional protections to employees, including the right to pursue claims for retaliatory firings

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