Take Justice Back | American Association for Justice 2012

TAKE JUSTICE BACK | AAJ Initiative 2012

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The American Association for Justice (AAJ) is launching a grass roots campaign on November 13, 2012 intended to empower Americans and inform them of how they can protect the civil justice system. The TAKE JUSTICE BACK CAMPAIGN seeks to inform citizens of how corporations seek to erode access to the court system and the right to trial by jury. The campaign slogan, illustrated above, explains that “Corporations are stealing it from you“.

AAJ intends to use TAKE JUSTICE BACK to provide information on how Corporate Culture is putting safety ahead of profits and provide the following:

  • EDUCATION on how rights are threatened by corporate interests, special interests and lobbying.
  • MOTIVATION to Americans through everyday examples of Americans that were denied justice because of special interests.
  • ENGAGEMENT of consumers through the use of social media portals, including a dedicated FACEBOOK Page.
  • EMPOWERMENT of activism through the sharing of information, resources, contacts and Blogs.

Efforts to erode, or limit, access to the courts and the recovery of monetary damages for wrongful conduct continues throughout the United States. Many legal rights are determined on a State by State basis and some jurisdictions have proven vulnerable to putting corporate interests ahead of citizens in the name of profits. This campaign is expected to shed light on this subject and how more transparency will help many see thinly veiled efforts by profit driven companies in their sponsorship of related legislation or lobbying efforts.

Our office, Farmer Jaffe Weissing, is a member of the AAJ Leaders Forum and supports AAJ’s mission nationwide. Our office is dedicated to preserving the right of access to the court system, empowering victims through our advocacy and helping people seek their Path To Justice®.