Prominent Bradenton Orthopedic Surgeon Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Former Employee

Dr. Sajeev Nair, a Bradenton, Florida surgeon who owns International Center for Advance Spine & Orthopedic Surgery, is accused of sexual misconduct by a former employee in a lawsuit filed in Manatee County.  

According to the lawsuit filed on June 5, 2017, Dr. Nair made multiple sexual advances toward his front desk employee over a period of years, including grabbing her breasts and buttocks and demanding oral sex and other sexual favors, as a condition of continued employment.  The lawsuit contends that the employee resigned from her employment on account of Dr. Nair’s repeated sexual misconduct.  The lawsuit also alleges that other employees were subjected to similar misconduct.

Recent data suggests that as many as one in four women have been sexually harassed in the workplace.  Sexual harassment can occur in all industries, whether it be a doctor’s office, school, sales office, construction site, or financial institution.  We are committed to standing up for the rights of alleged victims of such incidents.

The alleged victim is co-represented by Farmer Jaffe sex abuse attorney Adam Horowitz and Brad Rothman of Weldon & Rothman.