Polk County School Bus Driver Accused of Sexual Battery on Special Needs School Girls

CARLOS OJEDA_1460732785355_1186476_ver1.0_640_360Polk County School bus driver Carlos Ojeda has been arrested on charges that he sexually battered two special needs elementary school girls.   Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies said Ojeda admitted to sexually touching two girls about eight times. He had candy in his pockets when deputies arrested him, according to the Sheriff’s Office.  The two students attend Horizons Elementary School in Davenport, Florida.

After one of the children reported the battery to her school counselor, deputies reviewed surveillance video from the bus and found at least three incidents where Ojeda is seen motioning a female student to approach him.  In one video, Ojeda is seen standing on the bus steps and offering the girl a piece of candy to walk toward him.  When she got close, Ojeda pulled her into the stairwell – out of sight of the other students – and sexually abused her, according to the Sheriff’s Office.  Ojeda has employed by Polk County Schools since 2007.  He previously drove routes for Boone Middle and Ridge Community High Schools.

We commend these brave children for coming forward and seeking justice.  When a child is sexually abused, especially in a setting that should be a safe place such as a school bus, the trauma they experience can be profound.