Our Neigborhood: FAT Village ArtWalk Inspires

Fort Lauderdale Artists and Creative Businesses Feature Prominently During Monthly ArtWalk


The Flagler Arts Technology Village (“FAT Village“) hosts a monthly ArtWalk event in Fort Lauderdale. During the ArtWalk, North Andrews and 1st Avenues, between 4th and 6th Streets, are filled with pop-up galleries, studios exhibiting the work of local artists, poetry readings, live music performances, and studios which showcase the work of resident creative businesses. The streets hum and pulse with energy as people of all ages take in the art as they wend their way up and down the street from one ArtWalk site to the next.

FAT Village Map

On First Street you’re likely to find a crowd of families crowded around, enjoying an outdoor puppet show next to Jim Hammond’s Puppet Network studio. The Projects,10,000 feet of hangar-like space, is the featured exhibition space for the ArtWalk where you will find big installations of contemporary art. The artists, whose work is exhibited, are typically present at the event and happy to discuss their work with ArtWalk patrons.

During the ArtWalk, Cadence demonstrates their brand of thoughtful design by taking a sliver of North Andrews Avenue sidewalk and transforming it into an urban oasis of good food, music and art, offering a sidewalk cafe (thank you Brew) which plys drinks and desert, gastroPod Miami (a gourmet food truck) and a sorbet push-cart offer their delicious wares, and public art installations — like FTL Play Your City, provides playable art painted pianos.

Comic Art Connects with Civil Justice Theme

All of this art, design and creativity in our neighborhood inspired us, at Farmer Jaffe Weissing, to think about how we could participate in the monthly ArtWalks and connect with themes of civil justice which are a common thread which runs through our work. Local artist, John Allyn, brainstormed with us about how we could use comic art to depict these civil justice themes and provide a compelling narrative. At last Saturday’s ArtWalk we were happy to unveil the first work of comic art created by Allyn for the firm.

Let us know what do you think. We encourage you to attend the next FAT Village ArtWalkon June 29. Please visit our office at 425 N. Andrews Ave. to see this work, as well as the artwork of other local artists which our firm is proud to exhibit.