National Playground Safety Week Brings Opportunity to Raise Awareness for Child Injury Prevention

National Playground Safety Week is April 24-28, just in time for the fresh air and outdoor fun that comes along with summer. According to The National Program for Playground Safety, more than 200,000 children are injured on playgrounds every year in this country alone. Don’t let your kids be one of them.

Consider these important steps to help avoid a tragedy this season:

  • An adult should always be present to supervise
  • Children should play on equipment appropriate for their age
  • Surfaces should be fall-friendly
  • Broken equipment can and will cause injury. Children can get caught in ropes and strings, which can potentially lead to strangling
  • South Florida summers can be brutally hot, especially during the early afternoon. This can cause playground benches, slides, swings and other equipment to overheat
  • Remember to use sunscreen, play in the shade and wear protective attire. This includes sunglasses, and closed-toe shoes
  • Make sure to pack a few bottles of water to keep hydrated

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