Man Injured in Elevator Accident in Elevator Ascends 30 Floors and Crashed into Roof

Many people fear getting stuck in an elevator or worse plummeting out of control to their death. Not many people consider or even think about an elevator malfunctioning and soaring upward toward the roof.

ElevatorThis was a real reality for a man in Chile. He was using the elevator in the building where he lives. Elevator surveillance video captured the horrific event, where the elevator malfunctioned and ascended more than 30 floors in approximately 15 seconds, crashing into the roof.  The man suffered serious spine, lumbar and hip injuries.

While this incident is under investigation, neighbors have been quoted in the press stating there were known problems with the elevator in the building, which was completed eight months ago.

Every day, millions of people use elevators. There are approximately 11,000 elevator accidents requiring hospitalization in the United States and about 30 deaths a year. Elevators are subject to various defects, malfunctions, and even owner negligence.

In 2012, Attorney Brad Edwards received a jury award of $13 million for a client who was seriously injured in a plummeting elevator accident in her office building. In this case the elevator manufacturer was negligent in responding to the elevator malfunction, which caused permanent physical and psychological injuries to his client. These injuries included significant bruising, which developed into RSD/CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

While the elevator manufacturer did not cause the initial elevator malfunction and first series of falls, there was no doubt that the elevator manufacturer grossly mishandled the response to the malfunction and failed to consider Edward’s’ client’s safety as a priority. The elevator mechanic responded to the malfunction rather than remove the client from the elevator, sending her down to the basement, where there she experienced a second series of plummeting falls.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in an elevator accident, due to a defective product or poor maintenance, or due to the negligence of an employer or third-party, you may have the right to pursue a civil law suit.