Lenovo Superfish Lawsuit: Harmful Adware Installed by Lenovo on Millions of Notebook Computers

Farmer Jaffe Weissing is investigating Lenovo for selling millions of notebook computers with dangerous malware software since September, 2014.

The adware software, Superfish has been described as highly dangerous malware which makes your computer vulnerable to hackers. The software hijacks encrypted web browser sessions thereby enabling man-in-the-middle attacks that allows attackers to pose as the secure websites that consumers trust.


Lenovo "Clueless" about Adware Security Risk

Lenovo is reportedly "clueless" about the security risks posed to consumers by the malware that they installed and enabled on millions of notebook computers. 

This is not the first time that Farmer Jaffe Weissing has brought claims against a consumer electronics company for selling a product with a problem. We previously brought and settled a class action against ASUS.If you are a U.S. consumer who purchased a Lenovo notebook computer since September 2014, you may have a claim. Contact our consumer attorneys to learn more.

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