New Lawsuit Says Miami Massage Therapist Sexually Assaulted Female Client at Brickell Massage Envy

Farmer Jaffe sexual abuse attorney Adam Horowitz (e-mail: [email protected]) has filed another lawsuit against a Massage Envy franchise accusing a massage therapist of sexually assaulting a female client.  The most recent case was filed March 10, 2016 in Miami Florida against M.E. Brickell, LLC d/b/a Massage Envy  (Miami-Dade Circuit Court Case No. 2016-006060).  The lawsuit alleges sexual battery of a female client by former Massage Envy massage therapist, Brandon Randolph. The civil Complaint alleges that the battery occurred during a massage on September 15, 2015 at a franchise located at 900 South Miami Avenue, Suite 246, Miami, Florida 33130.

According to the lawsuit, during the massage appointment, Randolph positioned his client’s right leg out in a figure four type position. He then moved his hands toward her crotch underneath the sheets and stroked her vaginal area several times before she could flinch and reflexively close her knees. The alleged victim then told Randolph “we are done!” and to leave. Randolph allegedly commented,  “sorry about that slip up.” Randolph is no longer employed at Massage Envy, but according to public records is still licensed to practice massage therapy in the State of Florida.

Adam Horowitz, attorney for the alleged victim and who has represented numerous women who reported incidents of assault at various Massage Envy locations, stated: “Women who receive massages place great trust in their therapists. There are not many other situations in which a person would be semi-nude in a prone position in a dimly-lit room with a complete stranger.  It is a horrific betrayal when someone goes to a massage for relaxation but gets exploitation.”