Lawsuit Claims Florida Doctor Alfred Alingu Is Repeat Sexual Abuser

Dr.AlinguFarmer Jaffe Weissing sexual abuse attorney Adam Horowitz has filed a lawsuit alleging that Hernando County, Florida physician, Dr. Alfred E. Alingu sexually assaulted an adult female patient at his office located at 10045 Cortez Boulevard in Brooksville, Florida.

In the lawsuit filed in Hernando County Circuit Court (Case No. 2016CA000190), the patient alleges that her primary care physician, Dr. Alingu, groped her vaginal area and said, “If I weren’t your doctor, you let me in here?”  her.  Dr. Alingu is alleged to have seized upon the vunerability of his patient who was suffering from depression and anxiety before her appointment with Dr. Alingu.  This matter is under investigation by the Hernando County Sheriff’s office (Case No. 2016-01899).

Dr. Alingu’s medical practice, Arecho Medical Clinic LLC is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit because acccording to public records Dr. Alingu was previously accused of sexual misconduct by another female patient who sued Dr. Alingu and Arecho Medical Clinic LLC in 2015 for an sexual assault before the sexual battery that is the subject of this lawsuit allegedly occurred.  In addition, Dr. Alingu was the subject of a criminal complaint by another female patient in 2011 who accused Dr. Alingu of fondling her breast and requesting sexual favors in return for medical services during his visits to him.

The alleged victim’s attorney, Adam Horowitz (email: [email protected]) stated, “Many people assume that sexual assault does not occur in medical offices or hospitals because doctors are well-educated and work in a respected profession.  This is simply untrue.  Sexual misconduct can and does often occur in medical offices and hospitals, particularly in the case of medical doctors and vulnerable female patients.”