Judicial Merit Retention Election Update

Judicial Merit Retention|Election Update|Florida 2012

flickr-37621686-original-resized-600As depicted in the video below, the issue of Judicial Retention is an important election issue facing Floridians in 2012. Like the U.S Constitution, Florida’s own Constitution was designed to keep a system of checks and balances. The branches of government are intended to keep each other in check and preserve the rule of law. Judicial Merit Retention is a process where the voters are asked to vote on the retention, or retaining, of already sitting jurist or judges. As discussed in our prior post, The Florida Bar has published poll results that support the retention of sitting jurists in the State of Florida. However, “special interest groups”, from within and outside the State of Florida are attempting to tip the scales and sway voters through the politicization of this process. The video below explains more and why Voters are encouraged to Vote YES to Retain Florida’s Justices. Additional information is available from The Florida Bar here and includes other relevant information to aid in exercise of independent judgment without the bought influence of special interest groups.

Florida’s Judicial Merit Retention Election has become a Battle for Florida’s Courts as predicted by this July 30, 2012, Editorial in The New York Times.
At the time, in “A Battle For Florida’s Court’s“,the Editorial provided historical background and foretold of partisan political involvement underlying continued efforts to oust sitting Supreme Court Justices. The Editorial did not predict that special interest would compel formal political action, calling for the ouster of the Justices, but captured the essence of the politicization of a process designed to insulate the judiciary from  outside influences or politics. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the injection of money and politics into this process. Rather, consider it an opportunity to educate yourself further about the Justices, while exercising your informed vote.