Judicial Elections – Florida 2012

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Judicial Merit Retention 2012 – Judicial Elections in Florida

The results of a poll by The Florida Bar were released today, September 7, 2012, and reveal overwhelming support by legal professionals for sitting jurists in the Florida Supreme Court and District Courts of Appeal.

The Florida Bar polled members to determine where members of the legal profession stood on the issue of those jurist “up” for Judicial Retention. The results of the Florida Bar’s poll of members has revealed overwhelming support for retention of Supreme Court Justices and Appellate Judges. Responding members of the Florida Bar provided feedback on the quality and clarity of judicial opinions; knowledge of the law; integrity; judicial temperament; impartiality, freedom from bias/prejudice; demeanor and courtesy. Overwhelming support is significant because it is presumed to have come from professionals that practice law in front the jurist that face a vote on judicial retention. Here is link the Florida Bar’s News Release “Florida Bar Polls Shows Overwhelming Support for Supreme Court Justices, Appellate Judges in Merit Retention Elections

The Florida Bar has established a dedicated page that provides information on the Judicial Retention process. As the entity charged with governing the integrity of the legal profession, as well as the statewide professional organization of lawyers, it has taken an active role in answering questions about Judges and Judicial Elections. Additionally, The Florida Bar’s “The Vote’s in Your Court” education program has been designed to provide information to the public. Since 1978 the Florida Bar has polled members to determine whether jurists should remain in their jobs.

Merit retention was not designed to be a partisan issue. Rather, it was intended as part of a broader scheme that keeps the judiciary insulted from the political changes and allows jurist to apply the law. Hopefully, you will consider availing yourself of available resources from the Florida Bar to answer any questions you may have about Judicial Retention and why you should exercise your right to vote when you step into the voting booth in November 2012. Here is list of resources from The Florida Bar and a dedicated Facebook Page – The Votes In Your Court.