Have you been cheated by Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is an adultery website which prides itself with the motto “Life is Short. Have an Affair.” This week AM2Ashley Madison was hacked and the hackers exposed users of the site by leaking emails on the Dark Web.

Along with the 36 million emails that were taken, analysts say that other personal data was also stolen by the hackers; including, street address, phone numbers and credit card information.

Several website took the leaked information and began creating searchable databases that let anyone type in an email address to see if they were a part of Ashley Madison’s leak.

The hackers allege and purport to show that Ashley Madison followed fraudulent business practices by stating, “despite promising customers to delete their user data from the site for a $19 fee, the company actually retained the data on Avid Life Media’s servers.” The hackers also allege and purport that there were thousands of fake female profiles and that 90-95% of member users were actually male.

If you were deceived by Ashley Madison into believing the ratio of men to women was greater than reality or if you were a victim of the recent data breach, call us now at (954) 524-2820.