Florida Sex Predators On the Lose – New Law Needed

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel recently investigated and reported on “Sex Predators FollowedUnleashed”. They found that hundreds of sex offenders have been set free by the state, only to leave horrific trails of new victims.

The eight-month study looked into the Jimmy Ryce Act, which was meant to protect Floridians from sex offenders by keeping the most dangerous predators locked up after they finished their prison sentences.

The Sun-Sentinel investigation found that 594 offenders were released and later convicted of a new sex crime in Florida. Forty percent attacked within a year of their release — some the very same day. These offenders molested more than 460 children, raped 121 women and murdered 14.

Startling Statistics:

  • More than half of the 31,000 individuals who were screened under the Jimmy Ryce Act indicated the ability to commit more sex crimes.
  • 10,000 returned to prison after the Jimmy Ryce Act review.
  • 1,800 were never released after their review.
  • More than 4800 have died, been deported or moved to another state.
  • 7600 are living in Florida.
  • For 5,500 individuals, their whereabouts are unknown
  • 130 individuals are listed as fugitives.

Victims and their families are outraged and want immediate change. Florida Lawmakers, shocked by the Sun-Sentinel report, have vowed swift action to shield the public from sexual predators. Florida’s leading lawmakers will take action the first week of the Legislative session, which begins in March 2014.

Legislative Changes Under Consideration Include:

  • Imposing mandatory minimum sentences for more sex crimes.
  • Confining more predators after their release from prison.
  • Converting unused prison beds to expand the capacity of the state’s sexual predator treatment center.

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