FJW Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Corrections Officer Sexually Assaulted by Inmates

by Adam Horowitz



Farmer Jaffe Weissing sexual abuse attorney Adam Horowitz filed a lawsuit this week on behalf of a female corrections officer who alleges that she was sexually battered by a group of male inmates who escaped from their cells through two open doors at the Pre-Trial Detenion Facility in Miami, Florida.   The lawsuit was filed against the officer’s employer, Miami-County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department.  The assault occurred because a co-worked violated the Department’s “double-door” policy, which provides that two doors to the same entrance should be left open at the same time.  The Complaint alleges as follows:


*  On or about December 30, 2013, JANE DOE was working at the Pre-Trial Detention Center operated by MIAMI-DADE COUNTY as a Correctional Officer during the 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. shift.

*  During her shift on December 29 through December 30, 2013, JANE DOE was assigned to the sixth floor of the Pre-Trial Detention Center. 

*  The sixth floor is the maximum security floor, which houses the most violent criminals, including but not limited to, alleged murderers and rapists.

*   While conducting a routine head count on or about December 29, 2013 at approximately 11:15 p.m., JANE DOE provided the inmates with razors in accord with protocol to facilitate inmate grooming practices. 

* Due to inmate violation of head count procedures, JANE DOE sent the inmates back to their cells prior to completing razor distribution

* JANE DOE’s adherence to protocol visibly angered the inmates who did not receive razors and were therefore unable to shave.  Various inmates were shouting and angry at JANE DOE on account of being returned to their cell before having an opportunity to shave

* In the early morning of December 30, 2013, two officers were serving breakfast to the inmates in cell PT6B4.

* After a brief verbal incident between Officer Collier and Inmate Derrick Harrell, Officer Dolce opened the door to cell PT6B4 to secure inmate Harrell back in his cell

* This door was opened in clear violation of MIAMI-DADE COUNTY’s double door policy in that an exterior door was already open

* While the door to cell PT6B4 was opened, inmate Harrell turned around and swung at Officer Collier inciting an attack on both Officer Collier and Officer Dolce.

* On or about Monday, December 30, 2013 at approximately 5:00 a.m., JANE DOE returned to the B-wing from completing an unrelated incident report and found inmate Harrell punching Officer Collier repeatedly with a closed fist. 

* Based on protocol, JANE DOE immediately advised the corrections technician to call for back-up. 

* In further compliance with protocol, JANE DOE went down the hallway toward the incident and shouted loud verbal commands to “stop fighting.”

* As a result of the inmate’s non-compliance, JANE DOE attempted to remove the inmate from Officer Collier at which point the inmate began punching Plaintiff with a closed fist in the face and chest area

* As JANE DOE attempted to recover from the vicious attack, she was attacked from behind by multiple inmates from cell PT6B4 who had gained entrance into B-wing corridor through a door that been improperly left open by Officer Dolce.

* Approximately seventeen male inmates sexually assaulted and battered JANE DOE.  The inmates repeatedly grabbed her vaginal area, her breasts, and her buttocks.  The sexual battery continued as an inmate yelled, “Rape that bitch.” 

* JANE DOE feared for her life and thought she was going to be “gang raped” by these violent inmates.

* Finally, after several minutes, JANE DOE was rescued from these sexual batteries by her co-workers.

The Complaint also alleges that the Department of Corrections breached its own policies by failing to report this incident to law enforcement for seventy-three days.

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