Filing Personal Injury Claims After Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident.

Virtually all accidents involving a motorcycle result in injuries, as the person on the bike is completely exposed to drivers of larger cars and trucks. With no protective barrier between the driver and the road, motorcycle riders are at risk of serious and traumatic injuries. The costs associated with property damage and recovery from catastrophic injuries can be extremely expensive.

As an article posted on on Friday, March 18 explains, there are hundreds of motorcycle-related fatalities nationwide each year. Yet, many motorcycle accident victims – or family members of accident victims – do not know what steps must be taken to pursue a personal injury claim.

The first step to take is to engage an attorney with expertise in personal injury law. The attorney will take the lead on collecting evidence, weighing the likelihood of winning in court and figuring out the appropriate value of damages to seek.

Farmer Jaffe has handled hundreds of motorcycle, car and truck accident cases and achieved numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients. Our firm provides free consultations with potential motorcycle accident victims. If we take your case, we are only paid fees and lawsuit costs if we succeed in winning a recovery for you. We also advance the costs of your case, so there is no cost to you in bringing forward the lawsuit or claim.

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