Farmer Jaffe’s Steve Jaffe Authors Best Lawyers® Article About Fairness in Class Action Act of 2017

Farmer Jaffe founding partner Steve Jaffe has authored an insightful article about the proposed Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017 for Best Lawyers®, a prestigious legal industry publication.

In the article, Jaffe delves into the hotly debated legislation, which is being considered by the United States Senate. Proponents of the Act say it would free up the nation’s court system but making the requirements to bring class action cases forward much more stringent. Opponents claim the legislation sponsor and supporters have gone too far with the suggested changes and new rules.

Jaffe identifies several provisions in the Act that he deems as worrisome, including the potential requirement that a federal judge cannot certify a class action complaint without affirmative proof that each proposed class member suffered the “same type and score of injury” as the class representatives. According to Jaffe, the Act would “close the courthouse doors to the consumers of this great country and further limit the rights of Americans to seek redress from the wrongs of corporate America.”

Steve Jaffe litigates class actions in state and federal courts in Florida, California and across the United States. He represents consumers and businesses in class action and whistleblower cases to hold corporate wrongdoers accountable. Jaffe can be reached at [email protected] or 1-800-400-1098 during business hours on Eastern Standard Time.