Farmer Jaffe’s Matt Weissing Shares Expertise with ABC 10 for Investigative Report

Farmer Jaffe Partner Matt Weissing spoke with ABC 10 investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier to offer his expert opinion on the potential legal recourse for a Coral Springs, Fla. woman dealing with a mold infestation at her rental apartment.

Stacy Williams claims she and her two children have suffered from numerous symptoms due to a proliferation of mold inside all of the vents in her home. She told ABC 10 that her landlord originally sent a company in to clean the ducts, but that did not resolve the health issues she and her children were dealing with. A state-licensed mold assessor inspected the apartment and concluded the ducts had “extremely” elevated mold levels.

Williams has moved out of the apartment, and the landlord is willing to let her out of the lease. She is considering taking further action against the landlord.

“It is an intensive, expensive process to prove this,” Weissing told ABC 10. “The science is very specific. It is a doctor who is going to come in there with scientific data, information and testing and analysis to determine whether or not her problems and her children’s problems are related to this mold.”

Farmer Jaffe’s Matt Weissing is a Board Certified Civil Trial attorney who concentrates his practice on Personal Injury and Wrongful Death matters. His experience includes handling cases involving motorcycle, automobile, boating and helicopter crashes. He also handles cases involving toxic chemical exposure and misfilled prescriptions, as well as premises liability, failure to provide security and excessive force/false arrest.