Until this week, Florida residents have had to rely on their own common sense when it comes to texting while driving…and most have failed miserably.

Because while drivers KNOW that is it impossible to be fully aware of everything that’s happening on the road and in their vehicle if they are messaging or reading while driving, a whopping 2/3 admit doing it anyway (2012 AAA survey).

Florida Texting Driving Law

And it’s not just teenagers. Drivers of all ages partake. Last year, in Florida, more than 4,500 accidents resulted from drivers distracted by electronic communications and 250 of those have been linked directly to texting (an extremely modest estimate according to law makers).

On Ocober 1st, Florida joined 40 of our nation’s states, in signing a “no texting while driving” law. The law officially goes into effect on Tuesday, October 8th.

But critics wonder if the penalties for disobeying ($30.00 for a ticket; continued permission to text at traffic lights and in traffic; and the classification of texting and driving as a secondary offense, i.e, drivers must be stopped for a separate, alleged traffic violation first) are strong enough to change most drivers’ behavior.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or damages as a result of a distracted driver or any other auto accident, Farmer Jaffe Weissing can help. Please contact us to find out how. And please exercise caution and common sense while driving, every single time.

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