Dish Network Hit with Unprecedented Judgment in Lengthy Robocall Case

Robocalls present a growing threat to consumer privacy. Recently, Dish Network was hit with a massive judgment for these automated calls.  The company was ordered to pay $280 million in fines and damages to the federal government and four states from an eight-year-old lawsuit, according Reuters.

Dish Network placed 55 million calls to numbers on a Do Not Call list. Dish claimed that most of the calls were placed by contractors and subcontractors and fired these contractors when they learned of the unwanted calls.  However, the court found that Dish Network knew that these subcontractors were violating do-not-call laws “and did nothing” and “showed little concern with compliance”.

In addition to the significant financial recovery, the court also required that Dish Network’s telemarketing be supervised under a 20 year compliance plan.

As previously reported on our Path to Justice blog, advances in technology are leading to an increase in lawsuits that seek to stop consumer privacy violations resulting from unwanted robocalls. This judgment is sure to set a precedent when it comes to automated calls violating privacy, as cases involving robocalls begin to carve out their place in petitions placed before Congress.

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