CPA Whistleblower Nets $1Million in False Claims Case

Whistleblower Sued County Vendor for Alleged Use of Bogus Invoices to Overbill Insurance to Broward County

False Claims Ordinance

Jason G. Wolk, a CPA, previously employed by USA Parking Associates (“USA Parking”), alleged that USA Parking submitted false insurance invoices to Broward County. In 2010, Wolk filed a false claims case in state court under Broward County’s False Claims Ordinance. The case was styled Broward County Florida, ex rel. Jason Wolk v. Central Parking Corp., et al. (Case #10-9240). The Sun-Sentinel reported the settlement of Wolk’s case. Click here for the Sun-Sentinel article.

Wolk reportedly confronted the county vendor several times concerning the alleged overbilling. While employed at USA Parking, Wolk did some research and discovered that USA Parking had been fabricating invoices and overbilling insurance to Broward County for five years. Wolk was a controller for USA Parking overseeing the company’s public contracts at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Port Everglades.

In 2007, Wolk was informed that USA Parking had fabricated a bogus insurance invoice for $69,719 and submitted it to Broward County for payment. The County reportedly paid the bogus insurance invoice.


The Broward County False Claims Ordinance (Article XIV) allows individuals to file a civil case in state court (17th Judicial Circuit). According to the law, “The purpose of the Broward County False Claims Ordinance is to deter persons from knowingly causing or assisting in causing the County to pay claims that are false, fraudulent, or inflated, and to provide remedies for obtaining damages and civil penalties for the County when money is sought or obtained from the County by reason of a false claim.”

The Broward County Commission approved a $6 million settlement of the False Claims action against USA Parking Associates and related entities. As part of this settlement, Wolk will receive $1,008,000 for his efforts and courage pursuing this case on behalf of Broward County. Click here for the Settlement Agreement.