Can Drowning in Community Lakes Be Avoided?



The drownings last Sunday evening of 59-year-old Laura Fleming and her four-year-old granddaughter Leila Fleming provide a terrible reminder of why Florida law requires that community lakes have a safe, gradual slope approaching the water and extending well out into the water which is intended to prevent drownings.

The sun was setting on Sunday evening when the grandmother and granddaughter decided to go feed the ducks down by the water. Neither Laura nor her four-year-old granddaughter were swimmers, so it is highly unlikely that either of them entered the water intentionally. A gradual slope extending well out into the water has the protective benefit of allowing nonswimmers like Laura and Leila to regain their footing and simply walk out of the water which otherwise would be deadly to nonswimmers.

The tragic loss of this grandmother, mother, daughter and granddaughter provides a chilling reminder of the dangers of the waterways which are so prolific in South Florida. Making our waterways and lakes safe for non-swimming pedestrians who are attracted to the beauty of the water, is the reason behind the requirement for a gradual slope approaching the water and also extending well out into the water. The mandates of the safe edge and safe slope laws are intended to avoid enormous tragedies such as the one which befell Laura and Leila Fleming.

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