BREAKING NEWS: Florida Doctor Manuel Abreu Charged With Sex Battery of a Second Female Patient


Dr. Manuel Abreu of Delray Beach, Florida is now facing two separate criminal charges in Palm Beach County involving unwanted sexual contact with female patients.  Previously, Dr. Abreu was arrested on March 17, 2015 on a felony sexual battery charge in Palm Beach County arising out of an incident in which Dr. Abreu digitally penetrated the vaginia of a female patient during a medical visit at the Delray Beach office of Personal Physician Care in April 2014.  Now, Dr. Abreu faces a separate criminal charge of misdemeanor battery arising from an incident in March 2014 in which he allegedly touched the breast and vaginal area of a separate female patient without her consent.

As of April 2, 2015, Dr. Abreu remains in custody with a bond set at $350,000. In addition to a no-contact order with the victim, Dr. Abreu was ordered to surrender his passport and not to practice medicine during the pendency of the criminal proceedings.  

Dr. Abreu has been licensed as a doctor in Florida since 2009.  He was employed at All Care Medical Consultants at its Pinellas County offices in Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Florida until being fired in 2012. He then worked for Personal Physician Care in Delray Beach until he was fired in June 2014. Prior to his arrest, Dr. Abreu’s only employment was at Delray Medical Center.  Abreu is married and owns a home in Delray Beach.

This criminal charge is not the first time Dr. Abreu has been accused of sexual abuse.  He and both of his former employers, Personal Physician Care and All Care Medical Consultants, have been named as defendants in seven civil lawsuits filed by Farmer Jaffe Weissing attorney Adam Horowitz.  In each case, Dr. Abreu is accused of sexual battery upon women he met through his duties as doctor.  Five of the cases have been brought on behalf of female patients, while one case was brought by a co-worker medical assistant and another by a pharmacuetical sales representative.  Dr. Manuel Abreu recently filed a bankruptcy petition in the Southern District of Florida. Dr. Abreu can be seen in this Spanish-language video  recorded at Personal Physician Care.  

The victim’s attorney Adam Horowitz stated, "In our society, physicians occupy a unique position of trust. Sexual abuse of a patient by a physician is a horrific violation.  Dr. Abreu stands accused of being a serial offender by multiple women who are all accusing him of remarkably similar sexual acts."

. **** Copies of all civil lawsuits, police reports, and Department of Health complaints filed against Dr. Manuel Abreu are available to the media upon request ****

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