3 Just Things We’re Thankful For this Thanksgiving

Knowing that Our Families and the Civil Justice System Are Protected

Taking time to reflect on what we’re thankful for, seems simple enough. Yet, the hectic pace of our professional and personal lives may distract us from reflecting on this as often as we’d like. The Thanksgiving holiday offers a great opportunity to gather with family and friends and also to take some quiet time to recognize the things that we appreciate in both our personal and professional lives.

Here’s a list of 3 things that the attorneys and staff at our firm are thankful for in our personal and professional lives:

1. Our families have the food, clothing, and shelter to be safe, well nourished, and happy.

We were proud to team up with friends and colleagues to help 500 families in Pompano in the 2012 Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway. We distributed hundreds of turkeys and the rest of the ingredients for a healthy Thanksgiving dinner to these deserving and needy families. It was a great experience for us, our children and friends to provide sustenance to people in our community and to remind ourselves that we have much to be thankful for.

Click here for information on how you can team up with Feeding South Florida to help people in  who don’t have these basic necessities. Click here.


Judicial Retention

 2. That Florida Protected the Integrity of Our Judiciary and Prevented the Florida Supreme Court from being Politicized.

We are thankful that Florida voters overwhelmingly voted to retain 3 experienced, ethical and effective Florida Supreme Court justices who are committed to deciding cases based on their merits and not on politics. In doing so, Florida voters sent a loud and clear message that we will not allow outside special interests to politicize our judiciary and remove judges who are simply doing their job.

Our attorneys and staff worked hard — canvassing house-to-house, working phone banks, and spreading the word on social media campaigns — to let people know that our judiciary was under attack and what the consequences were. Clicker here to check out our effort.

We are thankful that Florida’s voters share our belief that a strong and independent judicary is an important part of our government that protects the rights of all citizens.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB resized 600

3. That the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Now Exists to Protect Important Consumer Rights.

Congress created the Consumer Financial Credit Bureau (CFCB) to ensure that the financial markets work fairly for all Americans. One important function of the CFCB is to make sure that companies provide consumers with all the information tney need to make responsible financial decisions. For example, consumers should receive clear information about price and risk so that they can compare competiting products without delving into complicated fine print. The CFCB will enforce consumer protection laws and protect important consumer rights by taking action against businesses that engage in discriminatory, unfair, or deceptive practices. Click here for the CFCB website.

We’re thankful that we now have a powerful ally in the government that shares our passion to protect important consumer rights.

Consumer Protection Learn more Click here to read more about our Consumer Rights work.