Another Lawsuit Filed Against Massage Envy Franchise For Alleged Sexual Assault

massageFarmer Jaffe sexual abuse attorney Adam Horowitz has filed another lawsuit against a Massage Envy franchise accusing a massage therapist of sexually assaulting a female client.  The most recent case was filed February 19, 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida against Marklin Clinc, Inc. d/b/a Massage Envy Spa West Palm Beach  (Palm Beach County Circuit Court Case No. 2016-CA-001794).  The lawsuit alleges sexual battery of a female client by former Massage Envy massage therapist, Maikel Concepcion. The civil Complaint alleges that the battery occurred during a massage on July 10, 2014, at a franchise located at 851 Village Boulevard, Suite 503, West Palm Beach, Florida.

According to the lawsuit, during the massage appointment, Concepcion did not properly drape his client and he left her breasts exposed and uncovered.  The Complaint alleges that Concepcion’s hands then made skin-to-skin contact with his client’s breasts and he cupped, groped and massaged her breasts including her nipples.  The alleged victim reported this incident to Massage Envy and the local police department.   Concepcion is no longer employed at Massage Envy and according to public records is not practicing massage therapy in the State of Florida.

Adam Horowitz, attorney for the alleged victim and who has represented numerous women who reported incidents of assault at various Massage Envy locations, stated: “Women who receive massages place great trust in their therapists. There are not many other situations in which a person would be semi-nude in a prone position in a dimly-lit room with a complete stranger. It is a horrific betrayal when someone goes to a massage for relaxation but gets exploitation. Unfortunately, the massage industry appears to attract an extraordinary number of predators.”

This lawsuit is the latest in a disturbing trend of sexual misconduct by massage therapists at Massage Envy locations nationwide.  Despite the prevalence of such incidents, female clients are given no warnings of this risk.  In Florida, massage therapist Cesar Guerrero was arrested for sexual battery after he allegedly digitally penetrated a female client at a Massage Envy franchise in Winter Garden.  In Breckenridge, Colorado, massage therapist James Dickerson plead guilty to unlawful sexual contact with a female client at a Massage Envy franchise.  Two years earlier Dickerson had been accused of seuxal misconduct at a Massage Envy in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Dickerson  reisgned from that job, but the incident was not reported to police and he retained his professional license.  On October 2, 2015, Ruben Omar Bea, a masseur working at a Massage Envy franchise in New Jersey was convicted of a criminal sexual contact with a female client.  In Boca Raton, Florida, massage therapist Raymond Smith, Jr. was arrested in May 2015 on charges that he sexual assaulted a female client at the Boca Raton Massage Envy location.  On May 2, 2015, James Deiter, a Masssge Envy masseur in West Goshen, Pennsylvania was arrested on sexual assault charges.  Dieter is now accused of assaulting multiple female clients at the same franchise.  In Texas, Massage Envy therapist Travis Schuler was accused of sexually assaulting clients at two separate Massage Envy franchises

Farmer Jaffe Weissing attorney Adam Horowitz is experienced in filing lawsuits on behalf of victims of sex assault by massage therapists. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a sexual battery at Massage Envy or any other locations, please email attorney Adam Horowitz at [email protected] or call our law firm at (954) 524-2820.