Add-On, Junk or Administrative Fee Cases

Sometimes companies tack on fees labeled “administrative fees,” “environmental fees,” “cost recovery fees” or other fees to customers’ bills when the fees don’t appear to relate to any particular good or service being provided or ordered. The purported justification for these fees is oft times to recover costs of complying with some regulation or to cover a particular cost increase in some particular area of a company’s business. Sometimes, the fee appears to be a tax or governmentally required charge when it’s not. Sometimes, it’s simply another way for a company to make a profit.

The firm is investigating or pursuing class-action cases involving real estate companies (Coldwell Banker, Keyes Company, Prudential, EWM) and others which allegedly charge so-called “administrative brokerage fees” or “professional service fees” at mortgage loan closings in addition to their regular commissions.

The legal claim being investigated and pursued is that these fees are unearned and unlawful under state and federal statutes. Firm lawyers have also handled add-or or “junk fee” cases involving other types of business which have charged “environmental fees” and other “administrative fees” to their customers.

We are currently reviewing complaints and inquiries concerning add-on fees across various industries and businesses. If you have information about this junk fee issue or a related administrative fee or professional services fee concern, contact us or call our toll-free number, (954) 524-2820.

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